Montreal Gazette - Imagination and evil; Like Macbeth, humans too often allow themselves to be transformed into weapons


(Paul Yachnin, Tomlinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies in the Department of English and acting director of the Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas at McGill University)

'People sometimes ask me, "How can you possibly say anything new about Shakespeare?" But not long ago I learned that Shakespeare can be hazardous to your health. And I learned that he might be able to save your life.

On March 1, Chip Chuipka and I did a presentation entitled MacDanger at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, as part of the centre's ongoing Theatre and Danger series. Chip is an actor; I'm a scholar. We told the audience that we wanted to understand what was so dangerous about "the Scottish play" - those three words being a famous euphemism for Shakespeare's Macbeth, which is set in Scotland…'