MONTREAL GAZETTE | Hope for people with fibromyalgia from Montreal-based researchers


Published: 26Jun2019

A Montreal-based research team has shown that the composition of the microbiome, the complex mixture of microorganisms that populate our gastrointestinal tract, is altered in people with fibromyalgia. Their paper was published online this month in the journal Pain and will appear in print.

“Day after day, we see patients with chronic pain and we are very frustrated — especially by fibromyalgia,” said Dr. Amir Minerbi, a pain physician, a two-year clinical research fellow with the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of the McGill University Health Centre and the study’s first author. “Patients are really excited and so are we about the finding that there is something to show that they are different. Many have written to say ‘Thank you for proving it is a real disease.’ ”

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