Hurricane Sandy


Message from Jim Nicell, Associate Vice-Principal (University Services)

As most of you know, a hurricane is being experienced across much of the eastern seaboard of United States. This hurricane is expected to follow a course in land that will ultimately impact a broad expanse of area in North America extending up into Ontario and Quebec. Winds are expected to pick up over the course of the afternoon today to gust at speeds of 70 to 90 km/hr by later tonight. This may be followed by some intense rainfalls over the course of the night and coming days.

While there are no indications that we should expect a major impact in our area, beyond wind and some rain, it is possible that a storm of this magnitude could cause some damage.  Obviously, this could impact on some of our activities at McGill in the coming days and we should prepare for this.

We ask that you help minimize any potential damage at McGill due to the storm by ensuring that your windows are closed and that your computer has been backed up and turned off before you leave.  Also, if a power outage is experienced, it should not be assumed that power will be quickly restored due to extent of the storm and its potential for creating widespread disruption. Therefore, please take any steps you feel are appropriate to prepare for extended power outages in your area of the university.

If you see any flooding or other situations that need immediate attention please notify Security Services at  514-398-3000  and 514-398-7777 at Macdonald campus.

Stay dry and stay safe!