Expert: Can the new AI tool ChatGPT replace human work?


Published: 18Jan2023

There's a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool in town, and it's getting massive mainstream attention. ChatGPT is a program where users can type in a question or a task, and the software will come up with a response designed to mimic a human. It was trained using billions of examples of text across the Internet. (CBC News) 

Here is an expert from McGill University who can provide comment on this topic:  

Andrew Piper, Full Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures 

“Let’s figure out how to integrate this into our teaching and student learning rather than run from it or impulsively ban it. My approach has been to have candid conversations with students using demos on what this technology can and can’t do.” 

Andrew Piper is a Full Professor and William Dawson Scholar in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. His teaching and research focus on using AI to study human storytelling.  

andrew.piper [at] (English) 

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