Barry Eidlin wins Canadian Sociological Association Early Investigator Award

Published: 24Sep2018

Assistant Professor Barry Eidlin was named the winner of the 2018 Early Investigator Award from the Canadian Sociological Association. It is awarded annually to a sociologist who is deemed to "have...

New insight into aging

Published: 19Sep2018

Plasticity is enhanced but dysregulated in the aging brain...

New cities may make millions more vulnerable to climate change

Published: 10Sep2018

A forthcoming study of over a hundred new cities being built around the world suggests developers and planning authorities are doing very little to make their projects resilient to climate change....

Daring to explore with physician astronaut David Saint-Jacques

Published: 4Sep2018

By Diane Weidner, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning...

Exhibition | The World That You Know Through the Eyes of Muslim Geographers


Did you ever wonder what it would have looked like to travel in the Middle Ages? And what geographical information was available to travelers at that time?

Pathway of Alzheimer’s degeneration discovered

Published: 4Jul2018

Finding is key for future treatment and earlier diagnosis ...

RGDST Architecture Exhibition


RGDST Architecture Exhibition  

Stroke Awareness Month – June, 2018

Published: 14Jun2018

Award-winning unit will add 10 new beds this year...