Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to retire from Supreme Court of Canada

Published: 14Jun2017

Tough on litigators who prattle on, famously reserved in person, McLachlin has a plain-speaking, often wry style in court. Yet those who know her speak of her easy laugh. McGill University law...

Essential medicines require essential diagnostics

Published: 13Jun2017

"In a welcome development, 40 years after publishing the first Essential Medicines List (EML), WHO is poised to begin the development of an Essential Diagnostics List (EDL). An EDL should help...

Former prime minister Paul Martin receives McGill University honorary degree

Published: 13Jun2017

Jamie Orchard speaks to Paul Martin after McGill University awarded the former prime minister an honorary doctorate recognizing his work after politics. Find out more: Global News

$3 million for research to help farmers cut greenhouse gas emissions

Published: 13Jun2017

Two McGill University research projects aimed at helping farmers mitigate greenhouse gas emissions will receive nearly $3 million in funding from the Government of Canada, federal officials...

Data visualization experts say search trend maps are mostly bunk

Published: 9Jun2017

To Andrew Piper, a professor and director of the .txtLAB at McGill University in Montreal, that's another potential pitfall and danger of data visualizations like these: People read a lot into it. ...

Quebec’s strategy on electric vehicles is too expensive, Ecofiscal says

Published: 8Jun2017

Still, Ecofiscal chairman Chris Ragan – an economist at McGill University – said future governments should raise the levy significantly after 2022, and could offset the impact of a higher carbon...

Breaking down the myths of health-care management

Published: 7Jun2017

Health care is about serving people. Yet it is being managed badly, with serious consequences to patients, argues celebrated McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg. He calls it an...

Emotional convocation for McGill law grad who escaped Rwandan genocide

Published: 6Jun2017

Moses Gashirabake is a confident, distinguished, sharply dressed 28-year-old who is normally completely composed. But after his convocation ceremony at McGill University, with degrees in both civil...