Experts - Quebec election campaign

Published: 23Aug2018

Graham Fraser, Visiting Professor, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada ...

CBC NEWS | Consumer attitudes to 'best before' dates contribute to food waste

Published: 21Sep2018

"There's a lot confusion about best-before dates," said Lawrence Goodwin, McGill University's Ian and Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety, in an interview on CBC Montreal's Daybreak.  Read more

A $3.5-million gift to McGill aims to level playing field for female athletes

Published: 20Sep2018

McGill alumni and long-time Athletics benefactors Sheryl Kerr (BCom'67) and David Kerr (BSc'65) are chalking up another important "assist" for Team McGill with a $3.5-million gift to create the...

McGill University to partner with Xebec to develop Power-to Gas process for renewable energy storage

Published: 20Sep2018

McGill University today announces it will co-develop with Xebec Adsorption Inc. (TSXV: XBC) a prototype reactor to produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) using the Power-to-Gas (P2G) process which...

FINANCIAL POST | Facebook expanding its Montreal AI lab to quadruple the number of researchers

Published: 20Sep2018

Joelle Pineau, an associate professor at McGill university and the lab’s head, said that medical imaging was a good fit for the kind of “fundamental research” on artificial intelligence that...

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Published: 20Sep2018

The 4th Industrial Revolution topped the agenda at The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions as leaders met to shape the impact and use of sci & tech on geopolitical, economic ...

Exhibition | Cat Books


Feline picks from our Cat Book Collection series containing a total of 183 titles, each donated by Delise Alison. Ms.

NEWSWEEK | Nuclear Pasta: Strongest Material in Universe Discovered in Neutron Star Crust

Published: 19Sep2018

Matthew Caplan, a postdoctoral research fellow at McGill University, and colleagues have had their findings on nuclear pasta accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters. Read more

Special Seminar: MNI IPSC/CRISPR Platform


Sex specific heterogeneity across human AD co-expression modules identified by meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome Ben Logsdon, PhD