Experts: World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept. 10, 2018)

Published: 5Sep2018

Rob Whitley, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Daring to explore with physician astronaut David Saint-Jacques

Published: 4Sep2018

By Diane Weidner, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning...

Preterm birth: The "Nodal" gene under the microscope

Published: 4Sep2018

Preterm birth is a major global public health problem. Every year, 15 million babies are born prematurely and many will suffer from neurodegenerative disorders, including cerebral palsy, learning...

Experts - Federal Court of Appeal revokes construction approvals for Trans Mountain

Published: 30Aug2018

"In a stunning blow, the Federal Court of Appeal has quashed the government's approvals to build the Trans Mountain expansion project — a major victory for Indigenous groups and environmentalists...

Experts - NAFTA negotiations

Published: 27Aug2018

Kryzsztof Pelc, Political Science, McGill University...

The link between obesity, the brain, and genetics

Published: 28Aug2018

When it comes to weight gain, the problem may be mostly in our heads, and our genes...

How we judge personality from faces depends on our pre-existing beliefs about how personality works

Published: 27Aug2018

PHOTO: In a series of experiments, NYU researchers tested how much we believe different traits co-occur in other people's personalities—for instance, how much we think competence co-occurs with...

WALL STREET JOURNAL | An Unforgettable Memory Expert Muses at 100

Published: 24Aug2018

Brenda Milner is celebrated for her insight into recollections as a feature of neurobiology; the man who could only live in the present Read more