Quantifying evolutionary impacts of humans on the biosphere is harder than it seems

Published: 12Oct2018

Are human disturbances to the environment driving evolutionary changes in animals and plants? A new study conducted by McGill researchers finds that, on average, human disturbances don’t appear to...

McGill researchers share in largest investment in discovery science in Canadian history

Published: 9Oct2018

Today, the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport, announced more than $558 million in discovery research funding across Canada, including the largest investment in research from...

Sibling rivalry: When the fighting crosses the line

Published: 9Oct2018

Sibling rivalry. Every parent and every sibling understands what this means. Siblings fight. A lot. And sometimes those fights escalate to involve physical, verbal, and psychological aggression....

Bone cell response to mechanical force is balance of injury and repair

Published: 17Oct2018

Scientists have revealed the intricate process that bone cells use to repair themselves after mechanical injury, according to a study in the open-access journal eLife....

MONTREAL GAZETTE | McGill grad donates $5 million to Global Food Security Institute

Published: 17Oct2018

McGill University’s Macdonald Campus in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue got a major boost from a former student last week when it received $5 million donation from Margaret A. Gilliam, BSc’59. Read more

How Brexit Can Transform the Governance of Global Civil Aviation

Published: 16Oct2018

The McGill University Institute of Air and Space Law has released a detailed new paper by its Director, Professor Brian F. Havel, that comprehensively analyses the legal and policy consequences of...

VIU And McGill Partner To Create Learning And Research Opportunities In Indigenous Studies

Published: 16Oct2018

A deep and shared commitment to supporting the recommendations of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) have led McGill University and Vancouver Island University (VIU) to form a...