GAZETTE | Montrealers remember King's mission; U.S. civil rights hero's legacy held up as increasingly poignant

Published: 5Apr2018

"In this critical moment, of ... racial profiling, of brutality that has made a Black Lives Matter movement (in the United States) urgently necessary, a moment in which white supremacist groups are...

GLOBAL NEWS | Video game addiction a disease? Who says, yes

Published: 5Apr2018

Prof. Jeffrey Derevensky, director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling at McGill University, consulted with the WHO in preparing the upcoming ICD-11 release and says video game addiction...

LA PRESSE | S’attaquer aux préjugés à l'université - femmes en finances

Published: 5Apr2018

Doyenne de la faculté de gestion Desautels de l'Université McGill, Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou se dit perturbée par la sous-représentation des femmes en finance. Après trois décennies à observer la...

SCOTSMAN | Hospital built by Scots philanthropists set for transformation

Published: 3Apr2018

A Canadian hospital built by a pair of immigrant Scottish philanthropists to celebrate Queen Victoria’s fiftieth year on the throne is set to be transformed into an academic centre for climate...

CBC | McGill prof says he's found a better, faster way to flood-proof your home

Published: 3Apr2018

Dr. Amar Sabih says all you need is synthetic plastic tarp and metal barriers commonly seen at outdoor events CBC, CTV

GLOBE AND MAIL | Why expatriates should be able to vote

Published: 3Apr2018

(Frédéric Mégret, Associate professor of law at McGill)...

GUARDIAN | Scientists solve eggshell mystery of how chicks hatch

Published: 3Apr2018

It’s been a tough one to crack, but scientists say they have zoomed in, to an unprecedented degree, on the structure of shells surrounding chicken embryos, revealing how they change to allow young...

Jonathan Sievers and Jennifer Welsh named Canada 150 Research Chairs

Published: 29Mar2018

Cosmologist Jonathan Sievers and international-relations scholar Jennifer Welsh will become Canada 150 Research Chairs at McGill University. The appointments were among the 24 Chairs announced...