Managing Change & Decision-Making

MHW Change Readiness Pulse Check

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The My Healthy Workplace Change Readiness Pulse Check helps to identify motivators for change, leadership and vision, people readiness, translating the vision into action, and rewards and incentives for change.

MHW Change Management Planning Process Tracking Tool

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The My Healthy Workplace Change Management Planning Process Tracking Tool can be used to track progress from the Change Readiness Pulse Check.

MHW Decision-Making Tool

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The My Healthy Workplace Decision-Making Tool is a checklist to ensure that the physical and psychological health and safety of employees in the workplace is part of managers’ decision-making process by:

  • Aligning decisions to McGill University’s Mission and Vision, as well as My Healthy Workplace Guiding Principles
  • Ensuring healthy workplace policies are being applied and communicated
  • Considering the needs of staff and ensuring their contribution
  • Ensuring that decisions have minimal negative impact on the health and safety of employees

MHW Lessons Learned Template

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As change is a continuous process capturing lessons learned both during the change initiative and after is a critical part managing change effectively and continuous improvement. To assist in capturing learnings, the My Healthy Workplace Lessons Learned Template, can guide this process.





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