What makes you smile?


We are asking McGill employees, "what makes you smile?" We want to hear from you. Send us a photo of your smile and a couple of sentences answering the question, "What makes you smile?", to mhwnews.hr [at] mcgill.ca or nominate a smiley colleague. We will include a link to the updated list in the next issue of MHW news. 

Namta Gupta, Co-Director The WELL Office and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs



I am moved by innocence, nature and grace. When I see children playing, when I am riding my bike by the Lachine canal and the water catches the sun’s rays, when I see one of my geriatric patient`s experienced and knowing smile. These are the events that bring me spontaneous joy....

Johanna Boucher, HR Advisor, Faculty of Dentistry and member of the My Quality Workplace Learning Community




A lot, actually. I’m easily amused and love to laugh. I can find humour in almost anything! I love seeing smiles, and I know other people do too, so I always try to have one on my face – it’s not a struggle, I’m a happy person!


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