Staying in the Positive Zone in Strange Times

How we manage ourselves now can reinforce our self-confidence and our foundation for future success. Think about how you want to show up and the impact you want to have on others. Do you make a conscious decision every day to take a constructive, positive approach to your life circumstances?  My Healthy Workplace News polled some fellow McGill colleagues for their secrets to staying in the “positive zone”, even in these strange times. Here are some of our colleagues’ insights: 

  • CHALLENGE PERFECTIONISM:  Trying to be “perfect” can be a negative trap.  There is no perfect in practice and especially these days the rules keep changing.  Instead, simply do your best and that may vary each day. 

  • KEEP LEARNING:  Remain open to learning new ways of seeing and doing things, while building on your skills. A continuous learning stance keeps us curious and vibrant, ready to meet life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence. 

  • APPRECIATE:  Take the time to appreciate how much you have adjusted since last March:  managing your time and energy, working remotely, maintaining important relationships.  Keep a gratitude journal. Ask yourself early in the day or as you prepare to wind down at night what you feel most grateful for. 

  • REMEMBER, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. While it may not always feel so – CHANGE IS A CONSTANT.

  • HELP OTHERS:  Random acts of kindness can go a long way in making your day, as well as others.  They are as needed as ever, particularly for those who are isolated. Don’t hesitate to reach out.  It will leave you feeling brighter, more connected, and purposeful.


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