Launching the New Models of Work Pilot Project

The New Models of Work (NMW) Pilot Project launched on October 4, 2021 with over 100 staff welcomed to the newly renovated state-of-the-art workspace at 550 Sherbrooke St. West. Employees work on-site on a rotational basis, spending 30% of their time on-site, in full accordance with COVID safety measures.

The pilot project will design new alternatives to the traditional full-time on-site working model, assess what works, learn from what doesn’t, polish and adjust, and then try and try again until we identify what works best for the different positions at McGill. As Principal Fortier notes, “this exciting initiative is a means for the University to explore new ways of working in a thoughtful and structured manner, that will best serve the University’s teaching and research mission.”

Before the grand opening, we launched a hybrid reskilling and upskilling series aimed at helping pilot project participants book their individual workspaces, choose the right collaboration platforms for their needs (e.g. Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.), and set up their workspaces to maximize ergonomic comfort – whether they’re on-site, working from home, or even in between during their commute!

To improve employees’ wellness, effectiveness and overall experience, the NMW will eventually explore not only hybrid working arrangements based on location, but other aspects of flexibility as well.

Have your voice heard! Be on the lookout for an all-staff survey coming your way in December 2021.Your feedback will help us better understand employees’ needs, and how the University can meet them.

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