Initiatives that Promote Positive Mental Health at McGill

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada,Workplaces can play an essential part in maintaining positive mental health.” In addition, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety describes various strategies that employers can use to encourage positive mental health:

  • Encourage active employee participation and decision making
  • Clearly define employees' duties and responsibilities
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Allow continuous learning
  • Recognize employees' contributions effectively

McGill offers tools, training, and learning communities to support administrative staff and their units on their journey towards a Healthier Workplace:

  • Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ Certificate Program. We have certified over 100 leaders who are now better at identifying the signs of poor mental health, and applying the strategies that encourage positive mental health: “Thanks to you and your team for organizing this training. It couldn’t have been offered at a better time! As a leader I believe that I will truly benefit from this training as I am already putting what I’ve learned into practice. This training should be mandatory for all Supervisors!” – Anna Vrontakis, Associate Director, Internal Audit Department.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training. We have already certified over 500 employees in the 2-day in-person format, and are looking forward to certifying even more staff when it becomes “virtual” this winter! This training teaches participants how to apply the needed “first aid” strategies until professional help is received, or until the crisis is resolved.
  • Le Rendez-Vous Manager Teams Group. This recently created virtual learning community enables those who supervise staff to share new ideas, raise stimulating questions, and enjoy meaningful connections, so that they are better equipped to help others: “Thanks, to all this sharing! Really awesome. I have yet to share, but will contribute as soon as I come across something that might be helpful!" – Diana Colby, Director - Communications, Faculty of Medicine.

Please contact the Organizational Development Team ( [at] if you would like to register for our programs or learn more about initiatives that promote positive mental health. Other resources are available from the Conference Board of Canada.


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