Giving Excellent Client Service

Have you ever thought about your colleagues as your clients? Or about how Client Service is linked to a Healthy Workplace? My Service-Oriented Workplace Learning Community is investigating! Its diverse members from various Faculties, IT, FMAS, Medicine, School of Continuing Studies, and HR meet on a monthly basis in order to look at ways to:

  • Provide staff with improved tools to serve clients in order to reduce stress in the workplace
  • Better connect the work employees are doing, while creating a stronger connection with their colleagues
  • Promote employee purpose and ownership, and feel valued in the process
  • Set expectations for both sides of the service partnership

Our clients are diverse, and we must adapt our approach to each of them in order to satisfy their unique needs and expectations. If we want to ensure increased student enrollment and make a positive impact on McGill’s overall reputation, there are certain critical skills we must practice in order to improve our service quality and general organizational efficiency. Sign-up for the Service Excellence Workshop with Organizational Development in the New Year, and explore:

  • Who is the client?
  • What are the critical client service skills?
  • Why does client service matter here at McGill?
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