Coach's Corner: How we show up matters

Worried about your career aspirations being put on hold during the pandemic? Maybe you are overlooking a unique opportunity. It’s in these times of challenge and adversity that some individuals and teams really stand out. They display Resilience, finding new ways of working with others that deepen trust and connection; How they show up makes all the difference!

How will you answer interview questions, post-pandemic, such as:

  • How did you make a difference in your team during the pandemic? And with your clients?
  • How would they have described you?
  • What did you learn about yourself that you will carry forward in your career?

Career Coaches remind us that while we may not be able to predict the technical skills of the future, we do know what kinds of attitudes and behaviors will remain vital. Why not make these your priority today?

Nearly a decade after they were developed, McGill’s 7 Behavioral Competencies remain critical qualities in demand in today’s workplace. Check out detailed descriptors complete with incremental levels and a tool kit to support work on each of the competencies (Change Agility, Resourcefulness, Client Service Orientation, Managerial Courage, Teaming, Performance Orientation, Self-Awareness & Management).

If you are a member of the Management, Professional and Excluded (MPEX) group, you will want to make sure you are meeting the proficiency levels required of your particular role. Be sure to provide examples during Performance Dialogue that capture how you are demonstrating these competencies at work. Maybe you’ve received messages from appreciative clients, or peers, that you’ll want to share with your supervisor. You’ll also want to set a tangible stretch goal.

Whatever your role at McGill, these behavioral competency descriptors give you a language for discussing behavioral strengths and aspirations, as well as for recognizing others who may be making this challenging period a whole lot more manageable for all. Are there ways in which you would like to show up and make a difference on your team during the balance of this pandemic? Check out the 7 Behavioral Competencies and explore what is most meaningful to you.

Career opportunities are created 365 days of the year – not simply during job interviews. Your change agility and self-awareness & management will bolster your resilience and prepare you to meet new and exciting opportunities on the horizon.

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