Weekly Meditation Sessions

Quaker Practice

Quaker peace dove

During the school year, Quaker faith meditations take place at MORSL on Thursdays at 5:00 pm ET (Fall 2023). Send them a message on their Facebook group's page and keep up with any scheduling and other options such as Zoom.

What to expect: The essence of the Quaker tradition is that there is something divine in every person. Thus, no need for priests, hierarchy, or dogma; there are atheist Quakers, Buddhist Quakers, Christian Quakers, and more. Quakers meet in stillness and silence: the goal of this practice is to discern our highest truth so we can speak and act from it. Sometimes, it feels right to share something from that encounter with the group. If so, we speak it aloud.


Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness and awareness symbol


  • The Meditation Club meets Tuesdays 5-6pm (Fall 2023) in MORSL's beautiful meditation and prayer space. 
  • Thanks to the generous support of our experienced volunteers, MORSL has some meditation techniques videos (approx 30 minutes) from past sessions that were recorded on our YouTube channel. 
  • On-demand guided meditation audio. We currently have two selections as mp3 files for you (approx 13 minutes here and approx. 25 minutes here) facilitated by MORSL Gnostic Volunteer, Rev. Jonathan Stewart, a Montreal freelance writer and editor who's been meditating in different traditions for 20 years. Jonathan has meditated and studied everywhere from Christian monasteries to a variety of Buddhist retreats, and he's taken the MBSR course to see it from a secular perspective. His primary passion is the Western Wisdom Traditions and he is the meditation facilitator and Deacon for the Montreal parish of the Esoteric and Gnostic Apostolic Johannite Church, and has taught classes at Presence Meditation studio.

Off campus

Sundays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET): Join MORSL's Gnostic volunteer, Rev. Deacon Jonathan Stewart, for Online Mile End Meditation which are weekly secular meditation sessions offered via Google Meet. 

Various times: MORSL's volunteer facilitator, Devaki Groulx, has been practicing meditation under the guidance of Spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy since 1972 and teaching meditation since the 80s. She is the co-leader of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre with her husband, Vidura, who is also a volunteer facilitator with MORSL. Their centre hosts free online meditation classes but registration is required. Find out more on their website


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