Call for Student Applications: Movement Chaplaincy Training


MORSL recognizes and values that there is a great deal of spiritual work that happens in social justice movements among students on campus as well as in their personal lives./morslCategory:...

Darcy Wang

17 Dec 2021

One Tree, One World

Midhat Kiyani

17 Dec 2021

Mother Earth is Crying: World's Faith Communities and a Call to Compassionate Action for Climate

Elyse MacLeod

17 Dec 2021

On Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue...

Antonia Lieben-Seutter

17 Dec 2021

Swastika, Hakenkreuz – Tracing the History of A Charged Symbol  

Chloe Hugla

17 Dec 2021

Our Heart's Belonging...

Diana Gomez

17 Dec 2021

Compassionate Conversations...

Cathy Chuang

17 Dec 2021

Grief is Love...


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