Blossom Update

Image by Chris Kanters.
Blossom Corner is full of flowering trees, pictured here are the crab apple trees in flower. Photo : Chris Kanters

2019-05-31 Blossom Update: Crab Apple Season, Cucumber Tree

Our flowering trees are getting a lot of attention thanks in part to Communications Assistant Hannah and her coverage of the blossoms online. We come to you this week with another update: the fruit trees in Blossom Corner are bursting with fragrant blooms to be enjoyed while they last. If you saw the Saucer magnolia blooms online and enjoyed them but couldn’t get here to see them in person, our Cucumber Tree (Magnolia acuminata, a species native of southern Ontario) cultivar ‘Elizabeth’, is currently adorned with equally large blooms in a delicate shade of yellow.
It’s also crab apple blossoming season! Experience it from one of Blossom Corner’s benches, for the sights, smells, and, oh yes, the many migrant and nesting bird songs!


2019-05-30 Special of the week: flowering fruit trees in Blossom Corner with gorgeous fragrant blooms. If you have enjoyed the magnolia blooms, it’s now crab apple blossoming season! Experience it from one of Blossom Corner’s benches, for the sights, smells, and, oh yes, the many migrant and nesting bird songs!


2019-05-24 A special time to visit the forest!
Oh how the forest has changed! In only the short time since we sent the last Arbo Info update, the forest has practically exploded into its most verdant shade of green: leaves are opening, ferns have unfurled, ephemerals are finally blossoming in large numbers and many species of migratory birds are passing through (see next article!). Fortunately, the chilly weather seems to be keeping mosquito populations down. If you’re unable to visit in person, keep an eye on our Instagram story to experience the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of the spring forest


2019-05-22 Last chance! The time for our Loebner Magnolias is coming to a close – petals have begun to fall from the trees. Plan to visit the Arboretum within the next few days if you want to see them!
Great news: the Chinese Pear and Saucer Magnolia are currently in full bloom! Follow our Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss the next blooms!


2019-05-17 Blossom Report
You may have recently seen the bountiful blossoms of our Loebner Magnolia trees on the Arbo’s social media, where we are carefully documenting their progression. The specimen by the main trail has begun to lose some of its petals, but on the one near the back of the collection, the progress is slightly delayed and there are still blossoms abound. The Amelanchier flowers are out, and the next trees to bloom will be the Canada Plum and Chinese Pear, in addition to the Saucer Magnolia shrub. These are just some of the species in a long line of blooms that we will be observing as spring unfolds.

Here is our suggestion of how to best enjoy all of these incredible spring blossoms:
Start out walking through the maple grove by taking the Orange Trail counter-clockwise towards Blossom Corner to see the latest blooms. Continue on the Orange Trail, or better yet, take the Canada 150 Trail northward to visit the lovely Garden of native shrubs. As you approach Maple Corner, after walking along the Branchery Field, turn left to take the Yellow Trail. Follow the signage southward as you go through a diverse mature forest where you will find a number of spring ephemerals, including a carpet of White trillium. If you don’t already have a copy of our free flyer describing the spring flowers of the maple grove understory, ask for one at the Gatehouse.


2019-05-13 It’s official! We could not be more excited to announce that our magnolia trees have blossomed! The flowers won’t be here for long: now is the time to come enjoy their beauty!


2019-05-09 An important notice for Magnolia (and flower) Enthusiasts:
The magnolia trees of the Arboretum have budded, and some of the buds are beginning to split.
We are rapidly approaching the very short window during which these blossoms will be open.
Our communications assistant will be documenting the Magnolia Bloom with breaking-news coverage across our Facebook and Instagram. Please use the buttons below to follow our pages so you don’t miss your chance to see these stunning flowers!


2019-05-06 The flowering of the magnolias has finally started!! Although late this year, it will be spectacular (based on the number of buds visible) and at its peak for Mother's Day!
At this time, almost all of the buds have split, and some flowers are open.
We will post another update soon – remember, this is a very brief bloom that you won’t want to miss!


2019-05-03 The gorgeous blossoms of the flowering magnolia tree are a delight to experience in person. The magnolias at the Arboretum have budded, and some of the buds are beginning to split. We will keep you updated via Instagram & Facebook so that you don’t miss the chance to see (and photograph) these special blooms!

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