Landscape, flora and fauna

Morgan Arboretum at the heart of the Senneville forest, on the North-West end of the island of Montreal Photo: Ville de Montréal

The property is a large expanse of land with a very diverse landscape. When viewed from above, it looks like a mosaic in which each piece has its own characteristic vegetation. Most of the land is covered with forest stands composed of a variety of species in which sugar maple, red maple, beech and hemlock predominate. The composition of the forests is a reflection of the soil, relief, moisture regime and land use. The site also includes old fields and pastures many of which became plantations in the mid-1950’s –see the Discovery or Tree Map for details.

The forests and plantations are now largely mature and contain examples of most of Quebec's native trees and shrubs. Each of our tree collections from across Canada and the world is based on a theme such as firs, oaks, birches, maples, lindens, spruces, hardwoods and flowering trees and shrubs. Forests, fields and plantations provide habitats for some 30 species of mammals, 15 species of reptiles and amphibians, and over 170 species of migratory and overwintering birds.

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