Defeat Nature-deficit Disorder

Outdoor Planning for the Whole Family

By Jenny Schlener, Mom and Volunteer Writer


Image courtesy of Unsplash


Are you looking for great ways to get your family more connected with nature? It seems young and old alike don’t spend enough time outside. Read on for resources on this site to help you and yours reconnect with the great outdoors.


At-Home Outdoor Fun

You don’t have to go any farther than your own property to savor some sunshine, greenery and fresh air. By being creative when it comes to outfitting your backyard you’ll maximize your time and space. Don’t forget about the toys, either! Today has some great suggestions for fun backyard activities.

  • Sprinklers can be a source of endless entertainment on hot summer days.
  • For families that love to shoot hoops, a basketball court in the backyard is a slam dunk!
  • If you’re looking for a slower pace, consider building a miniature golf course for your own backyard.
  • Explore gardening with your kids; they love to get dirty, and they’ll marvel at the wonders of growing their own food;


Learn, Grow, and Explore

Pathways explains that playing outside helps children with sensory integration, motor skills, communication, and social-emotional skills. So plan an adventure in the great outdoors -- nature is full of interesting and entertaining opportunities.


Stay Safe Wherever You Go

Just like everything else, when exploring nature, you should take certain precautions to keep your youngsters safe. Surprises like bees that sting and bugs that bite are around every corner when you’re spending time outdoors, so be aware and prepared, and make sure your kids are too.


If your family needs more time in nature, opportunities are plentiful! From your own backyard to parks and observatories, nature is filled to the brim with fun learning and growing opportunities.

Peruse our web site for more ideas, information and educational opportunities to help your family learn and grow.


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