Visiting Scholars

Maureen Waters O'Neill (Eakin Visiting Fellow in Canadian Studies - Winter 2020)

As a specialist in North American Studies, Dr. Maureen Waters O’Neill focuses on Québec and Canada through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. She has a diverse background in a number of academic fields, including International Relations and Diplomacy, Business Management, French and Francophone Studies, Comparative Literature, Modern Languages, Russian and Slavic Studies, Indigenous Studies, Educational Sciences and Information Systems. Her goal as both a researcher and teacher is to help make bridges between different fields of inquiry in order to encourage dynamic forms of knowledge creation. Dr. Waters O’Neill has conducted research and taught in various settings across Europe, North America and South America. Presently, she dedicates her work to the topic of Cultural and Commercial Diplomacy and is pleased to be part of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

MISC welcomes Dr. Waters O'Neill as our Eakin Visiting Fellow.



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