Origin Story

Established in 1994 thanks to an innovative agreement between the Bronfman family and McGill University, the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) runs an academic program at McGill University, supports an active research environment, and organizes a variety of large-scale, public events on matters of interest to Canadians, including MISC's annual conferences, which attract significant attention from policy-makers, media, and the general public. Several of MISC's founders, including Charles Bronfman, Alex Paterson, and Bernard Shapiro, still play a role in the Institute's current-day activities.   

Mission Statement 

MISC's mission is to: 

  • promote a better understanding of Canada through the study of our heritage;
  • develop a clearer understanding of Canada's social, political and economic future;
  • identify and explore the benefits that a pluralistic society offers;
  • support the study of Canada across the country and internationally.

In order to achieve these goals, the Institute: 

  • encourages a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Canada;
  • promotes public as well as university-based education about Canada;
  • fosters the development of networks in the areas of Canadian Studies;
  • enhances informed discussion of public policy.
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