Co-op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society

Mining Undergraduate Society Council 2020-2021

President: Matthew Desorbay, U3

  • Acts as a liaison between the EUS governing body and the mining engineering students and council
  • Leads team meetings and is the deciding vote in case of a tie
  • Oversees council activities, collaborates with the mining department and assists the council in setting goals


Vice-President Academic: Hiroki Iino, U3

  • Works with the academic staff of McGill University to aid CMEUS members in receiving adequate and fair academic formation
  • Pass students’ suggestions and complaints to the faculty in a manner to ensure that students are heard
  • Leads an Academic Forum once a semester in which students can openly discuss concerns regarding courses with their professors


Vice-President Finance: Nicholas Bryce, U2

  • Keeps a proper account of all financial affairs of the CMEUS, reports and presents financial statements in meetings if required
  • Prepares, in cooperation with the Executive Committee, the annual budget of the CMEUS
  • Ensures the financial organization, but not limited to the following events: First Year Welcome, end of semester Banquet dinners, CMEUS organized Blues Pubs


Vice-President External: Samuel Desjardins, U2

  • Maintains open lines of communications with representatives from other departments with the faculty of engineering to organize events and promote networking
  • Regularly contacts representatives from the mining industry as well as alumni to promote networking and professional development
  • In charge of sponsorships for professional networking events


Vice-President Internal: Aidan O’Heany, U1

  • A first year student who develops, creates and leads activities for mining students. Such events include Blues Pub, the First Year Welcome, Mining Socials, Banquets, and events with other departments
  • All events will be created on our Facebook page (CMEUS or Co-op Mining Engineering Student Society of McGill) by the VP Internal


Vice-President Administration: Nada El Idrissi, U3

  • Deals with the upkeep, refurbishment and access to the student lounge
  • In charge of communications between the CMEUS council and the mining students. This pertains to the upkeep of the CMEUS private Facebook page, the Co-op Mining Engineering Student Society of McGill public Facebook page, the mcgill.mining Instagram page and potentially an email newsletter


Equity & Mental Health Coordinator: Gavin Pollard, U0

  • Upholds equity on the departmental level
  • Informs their society and constituents on topics pertaining to mental health and wellness
  • Promotes a culture of equity and inclusivity with a focus on mental well-being in the EUS community


Year Representatives:

  • More commonly known as U Reps, these members attend EUS meetings, and inform their respective years as to what is going on in the EUS in all matters ranging from academic to social.
  • U Reps are a students’ go to contact for all questions, and they can help guide students to the appropriate resources
  • Event organizers for each year-group (year specific socials, where they can work in conjunction with the CMEUS VP Internal, the E&M Coordinator or U Reps from other departments)


U0 Representative: Gavin Pollard, U0

U1 Representative: Rim Fayjhi, U1

U2 Representative: Vincent Chatelain, U2

U3 Representative: Lara Daou, U3

U4 Representative: Kevin Liu, U4

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