Python - Beyond the basics

Saturday, February 29, 2020 08:00to12:00

Python is a general-purpose language popular in data science, machine learning, and computational biology.

This workshop targets beginner Python programmers already familiar with the fundamentals, and will cover :

(1) object-oriented programming (classes, constructors, instances/objects, methods, inheritance)
(2) recursion
(3) exception handling
(4) including external modules and importing other scripts,
(5) reading and parsing large files into data structures (csv, tsv, json, txt, fasta). 

Throughout this interactive workshop, participants will apply these concepts to solve biological problems using Python.

Instructor: Eisha Ahmed
Fee: $50 (seating is limited)
*Reimbursement is available to McGill students after attending the workshop.

To Register: via Eventbrite

For more information on workshops email us at: workshop-micm [at] mcgill.ca


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