Precision Medicine principles

Thursday, June 11, 2020 13:00to17:00








Together, the availability of health data and the democratization of powerful computing now make precision medicine a realistic goal. Medical researchers, guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine, now strive to find decision rules that tailor patient care based on patient-specific characteristics through time. A sequence of decision rules that map patient information to a recommended treatment is called a dynamic treatment regime.

Naturally, quantitative tools play a role in finding these decision rules by using experimental and non-experimental data to infer about optimal decisions. There are many benefits to personalizing care, in particular in reducing overtreatment and costs.


  • Review the precision medicine paradigm
  • Examine examples of research in precision medicine
  • Understand quantitative methods for estimating dynamic treatment regimes
  • Use R to learn how to implement methods for precision medicine.
  • This workshop is open to everyone, but space is limited.

Instructors: Daniel Rodriguez Duque and Eric Rose

Fee: $25 (seating is limited)
*Reimbursement is available to McGill students after attending the workshop.


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