Data Analysis in R: Overview of R Markdown and knit

Thursday, April 22, 2021 13:00to14:00

Data Analysis in R: Overview of R Markdown and knit

Powered by R, R Markdown provides an authoring framework for data science. Using R Markdown, you can save and execute your codes as well as generate high quality reports that can be shared with an audience and much more.
This workshop will serve as an introduction to R Markdown and the many extensions that enable you to build different applications or generate output documents with different styles. In particular, we will visit the basics (providing many references) of the following:

constructing an R Markdown file and exporting it into many file formats
building flexible dashboards using `flexdashboard`
building your personal website using `pkgdown`
building an interactive tutorial with exercises for your students using `learnr`
building an interactive web app using `shiny `

R Markdown is NOT ONLY for R! We will provide some examples of using other languages in R Markdown (bash code chunks).

Instructor: Elio Abi Younes

April 22, 2021

1PM- 5PM

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