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Services & Infrastructure

MIAM offers a number of important services to the McGill materials community, as well as to those outside McGill. These include a state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility and characterization facility, which are also available to external and industrial users. Exclusively available to MIAM members, we also maintain an actively updated directory of equipment housed in the labs of our members.

Materials Characterization

The Materials Characterization Facility offers several X-ray based methods for assessing material composition and structure, including powder XRD and XPS.

Nanotools Fabrication

The Nanotools Microfab Facility offers standard and specialized micro- and nano-fabrication equipment for lithography, dry etching, fabrication of thin films and more.

External Users and Industry

MIAM also provides fabrication and characterization services to users outside McGill, including to industry and private institutions.

Member Equipment Directory

MIAM members have access to an actively maintained Equipment Directory providing information on what equipment exists in MIAM member labs across campus.

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