Information about MIAM


MIAM is an institute dedicated to solving society’s grand challenges through fundamental and applied materials research focused on health, energy and environment. We aim to cultivate and foster a dynamic community of McGill materials researchers unified behind these research goals.

MIAM is an agent and catalyst for promoting exciting cross-disciplinary materials research at McGill. The McGill materials community is highly diverse, spread across multiple departments and faculties. MIAM provides a vibrant hub for students and professors to interact outside their home departments and identify like-minded groups and potential collaborators.

MIAM is a hub dedicated to the education and advancement of students and postdoctoral researchers in the McGill materials community, providing opportunities to build knowledge and networks at McGill and beyond. This includes student-run seminars and workshops, and many opportunities to gain experience and hone skills preparing for a future outside McGill.

MIAM is a research facility providing convenient and affordable access to basic and cutting-edge tools for characterizing and fabricating advanced materials. We also provide a consolidated directory of what methods and techniques for material characterization and fabrication exist in various labs across campus.

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