Information about MIAM


MIAM was established by the Faculties of Science and Engineering to act as a focal point for research into all forms of advanced materials. Engineering innovation and materials creation have led to important developments in communications, information technology, transportation, clinical diagnosis and care, and energy generation, for example. New materials are considered by knowledge-based economies to be a precursor to many technological developments necessary for development and growth, and have been identified as one of Canada's strategic areas of research, and a priority area for McGill.

MIAM's vision is to discover, design, fabricate and understand new materials. MIAM will strengthen interdisciplinary interactions and partnerships among faculties and departments at McGill University involved in new materials; foster creativity; promote scholarship; enhance research capabilities; accelerate the transfer of research results into engineering practices; attract world-class faculty, students, and post-doctoral fellows; attract the attention of industry; and create new funding opportunities. MIAM will achieve this by financially supporting the operation of core materials research infrastructure, developing new academic initiatives, and increasing the internal as well as external visibility of Materials Science and Engineering at McGill University.

MIAM has direct links to the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, interfacing with research groups involved in developing nanostructured biorecognition systems for uses in biosensors, biochips and biomaterials. Such work is expected to have immediate impact in the development of new-generation, implantable biomaterials for orthopaedic and dental reconstructions.