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Mathieu Brochu

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Pulse Processing of Nanostructured Materials
Hydro-Québec NanoEngineering Scholar
Associate Director, Centre de recherche sur l'aluminium REGAL


Mathieu Brochu
Mining and Materials Engineering
Current research: 

The research projects conducted by Dr. Brochu target the process-microstructure-property relationship applied to processing and joining of bulk nanomaterials. In particular the following areas are currently under investigation:

  • Fabrication of nanostructured powders using cryogenic processes
  • Optimisation of advanced consolidation processes for the manufacturing of bulk nanostructured materials
  • Engineering nanostructured feedstock for high temperature coatings and their oxide selectivity response
  • Development of hi-frequency pulse welding processes for welding and freeforming of amorphous and bulk nanostructured materials
  • Advanced joining processes applied to advanced materials and systems
Contact Information

Wong Building, Room 2640

Fax number: 
Email address: 
mathieu.brochu [at] mcgill.ca
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