Single-molecule imaging: CLiC and Mini-CLiC devices

Piezo-actuated Convex Lens-induced Confinement (CLiC) device

This device enables direct visualization of nanoparticles [1],[4] molecule interactions and dynamics, such as binding and unbinding without tethers and away from surfaces, encapsulation [3] and release, fusion [4] and self assembly, with real-time control over the solution environment.

It includes a custom made piezo controller for deflecting flow-cell by applying a point force.


(a)Photograph of assembled instrument showing

(b)3D model of the flow-cell chamber, as it is being deformed by the pusher lens

(c)Optical image of micro-wells with 3 μm diameter and 500 nm depth

(d)Images of Fluorescently labeled nanoparticle samples trapped in the micro-wells showed in (C). Images in (e) and (f) micro-graphs of single particles trapped in the same well.


Miniaturized Convex Lens-induced Confinement (Mini-CLiC) device

It includes a miniaturized flow cell with pneumatically-actuated deflectable chamber for vertical nanoconfinement.

This design allows for: increased mechanical stability; reduced curvature; minimal sample volume; and higher fabrication throughput.


The attached figure includes:

(1)A photograph of assembled instrument showing: a fluidic chuck and tube fittings for fluidic and pneumatic control.

(2)An exploded view of the instrument, showing the flow cell chip, gasket, and manifold for making fluidic and pneumatic connections to the chip.

(3)A photograph of the flow-cell chip: (a) Fabricated 3 mm flow-cell glued to a custom plastic carrier to facilitate clamping for use with short-working-distance objectives. (b) and (c) Scanning electron micrographs of nanogrooves etched into the glass


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