The Graduate Student Program Committee (GSPC), with assistance from an academic advisor, was in charge of organizing the summer school event and the winter networking event annually. The events consisted of national and international speakers from industry and academia, a students presentation competition and a poster session/photo exhibition. These events, which were planned and managed by the ISS students, provided an important experience in organizing large events as part of a team.

Please find below the list of networking events organized by the GSPC:

Date Location Event Speakers
19-Mar-15 McGill University Sensors, From Lab to Life Mr. Louis Ross (Motion Engine)
Mr. Peng Hu (CMC Microsystems)
Mr. Maurice Cheung (Greybox Solutions)
Prof. Tiago.H.Falk (INRS)
Prof. Raman Kashyap (École Polytechnique)
20-Feb-14 University of Sherbrooke The role of sensors in modern society Mr. Sebastien Blais-Ouellette (Photon etc)
Prof. Patrice Masson (Usherbrooke)
Mr. Steeve Asselin (Thought Tech Ltd)
Mr. Dawood Shiaa (Thought Tech Ltd)
7-Mar-13 McGill University Bringing your technology to the market Dr. Michele Beaulieu (McGill)
Dr. Irina Stateikina (C2MI)
Valerie Telfort (Masimo Canada)
Leslie Lansberger (Technologies Microbridge Canada)

Summer School

Start Date End Date Location Event Speakers
1-Jun-15 2-Jun-15 University of Sherbrooke Summer School Prof. Martin Brouillette
Prof. Mark Trifiro
Prof. Xinyu Liu
Prof. Janine Mauzeroll
Prof. Yves-Alain Peter
Prof. Luc Frechette
Prof. Michael Canva
01-May-14 02-May-14 École Polytechnique Summer School  
3-Jun-13 4-Jun-13 McGill University Summer School

Martin Garon (Biomomentum)

Alireza Mesgar (Polytechnique)
Luc Morisset (Eco.Inno.Tech)

Marta Quintanilla (INRS)
Dan Nicolau (McGill)
Andrea Armani (U of Southern California)
Pierre Berini (OttawaU)
Marie-Helene Bernier (Polytechnique)
Paul Blonde (Polytechnique)
Jan Dubowski (Sherbrooke)
Jacqueline Sanchez (UdeM)
Alexis Vallée-Belisle (UdeM)

3-May-12 4-May-12 McGill University Summer School Prof. Linda Cooper (McGill)
Dr. Julien Sylvestre (IBM Canada)
Mr. Richard Zereik (McGill)
Dr. Lenore.K. Beitel (McGill)
Prof. Y. Sun (University of Toronto)
Prof. Kenichi Takahata (UBC)
Prof. Yatsenko (National Space Agency of Ukraine)
Prof. Joseph.A.Paradiso (MIT)
Prof. U. Krull (University of Toronto)
03-Jun-11 03-Jun-11 McGill University Summer School Mr. Stephen Arnold (Polytechnic Institute of New York University)
Mr. Zhao Lu (CMC Microsystems)
Dr. Mike Thompson (University of Toronto)
Mr. Luc Ouellet (Teledyne DALSA)