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Documentation for Summer 2019 and subsequent semesters

Submit course evaluations

You can submit your Mercury course evaluations from:

Note that the upgraded Mercury system is mobile friendly.

Check response rates

To view response rates for courses you are enrolled in, visit "Mercury for Students" on the myCourses homepage. 


Documentation up to and including Winter 2019


How to Submit Course Evaluations

  • It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete each course evaluation.

  • MERCURY is available 24/7 during the evaluation period except for Minerva scheduled maintenance and downtime.

  • You must complete each evaluation in one sitting as responses cannot be saved, but you do not need to complete all of your evaluations at once.

  • Responses cannot be changed once you submit, so make sure you select the options that best represent your opinion.

  • Please read the guidelines for providing constructive feedback.

  1. There are three ways to access your course evaluations in Minerva.

    A. Direct link B. Student Menu C. Mercury Pop-up

    Use this direct link to submit your course evaluations.

    This is the link that is sent in the email reminders you receive.

    1. Log in to Minerva.

    2. Click Student Menu.

    3. Click Mercury Online Course Evaluation Menu.

    4. Click Submit your course evaluations.

    When you have evaluations available to complete and you log in to Minerva, click on the link in the pop-up to access your course evaluations.

    Mercury pop-up

  2. Click on the course link to complete the evaluation. Each course link shows when the evaluation is available in red font.
    List of available course evaluations for students

  3. You will be prompted to continue to your course evaluation or to decline it.

    Click Continue to Course Evaluation to submit your responses.
    Continue to evaluation or decline
    To decline the evaluation, click Decline Course Evaluation. Note that you will not be able to complete the evaluation once you have chosen to decline. You will also be able to provide comments on why you have declined.
    Decline evaluation confirmation
  4. The instructions will display. Read them carefully and then click Continue to course evaluation.

  5. Fill out the questionnaire with your numerical responses and your comments. Submitting responses

    • Most questions are asked on a five point scale, where 1= “Strongly Disagree," 2= "Disagree," 3= "Neutral," 4= "Agree," and 5= “Strongly Agree."

      • You should choose 3= “Neutral” only when you feel that your response is between the two endpoints.

      • Choose “Not applicable” when the question is not relevant to your course or instructor.

    • Some Academic Units provide a bilingual questionnaire. Select your desired questionnaire language at the top of the page and click Go.

  6. Ten questions appear per page. Click on the Next page button to continue.

  7. When you have reached the end of the questionnaire, click on the final Next page button to review your responses.

    • Unanswered questions will appear in red.

    • Click Return to Evaluation to edit your responses before submitting.

    • Click Submit to submit your course evaluations. Note that you will not be able to change your responses after submitting.

    Review responses before submitting

Thank you for your participation in this important process!

How to View Previous Course Evaluation Results

Numerical course evaluation results are disseminated when both of the following conditions are met:

  1. The instructor has not objected to access; and

  2. an adequate response rate has been received.

Written comments are always treated as confidential and are never disseminated.

  1. Log into Minerva.

  2. Select Student Menu.

  3. Scroll down and select Mercury Online Course Evaluation Menu.

  4. Select View course evaluation results.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you may use this direct link.

  5. Select your search criteria either by subject code (department), instructor, or course; then click Submit.

    • To view multiple subject codes (departments) or instructors, use the CTRL or Command(⌘) key when making your selections.

    • You may also wish to look at specific terms; however, at least one instructor or subject code must be chosen first.
      Search options for publicly available results

  6. The following lists the results based on your search. Click View to view a course's numerical results. NOTE: Because this site is public, the instructors' names have been erased from the screenshow below.

    List of publicly available results

  7. This is what a sample course evaluation results page looks like. Click here for more information on the definitions used. 

    Display of course evaluation results

  8. To perform another search, click the Go back button on the search results page in Step 6.

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