Mercury Liaisons

List of Faculties

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Each Academic Unit has a designated individual who serves as the Mercury Departmental Liaison between faculty members and the Mercury system administrator. Responsibilities of Mercury Departmental Liaisons include:

  • formulating the list of participating courses;
  • activating online course evaluations;
  • relaying information provided by the Mercury System Administrator to instructors;
  • reminding instructors when evaluations are available to students and monitoring response rates;
  • conveying updated information, concerns and issues to the Mercury System Administrator.

To designate a Mercury Departmental Liaison, the academic unit head must send the person's name, McGill ID, and contact information to the [at] (Mercury system administrator).

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural Economics danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Animal Science danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Bioresource Engineering danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Dean's Office danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Farm Management & Technology Program michelyne.martin [at] (Michelyne Martin) 7814
Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
McGill School of Environment danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Natural Resource Science danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
Parasitology shirley.mongeau [at] (Shirley Mongeau) 7954
Plant Science danielle.lefebvre [at] (Danielle Lefebvre) 7559
School of Human Nutrition jocelyne.begin [at] (Jocelyne Begin) 7840
Dean's Office sonia.masand [at] (Sonia Masand) 4327
Anthropology giovanna.terrasi [at] (Joanne Terrasi) 6868
Art History & Communication Studies matthew.dupuis [at] (Matt Dupuis) 1092
East Asian Studies angela.lapenna [at] (Angela Lapenna) 6742
Economics lisa.stevenson [at] (Lisa Stevenson) 4400 x09063
English matthew.dupuis [at] (Matt Dupuis) 1092
French Language Centre matthew.dupuis [at] (Matt Dupuis) 1092
French Language Literature matthew.dupuis [at] (Matt Dupuis) 1092
History and Classical Studies jessica.ward2 [at] (Jessica Ward) 3975
Institute for the Study of International Development kirsty.mckinnon [at] (Kirsty McKinnon) 4804
Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies claire.michela [at] (Andrew Folco) 3911 or x089872
Institute for the Study of Canada erika.detorres [at] (Erika De Torres) 8920
Islamic Studies adina.sigartau [at] (Adina Sigartau) 6077
Jewish Studies mitali.das [at] (Mitali Das) 2844
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures angela.lapenna [at] (Angela Lapenna) 6742
Linguistics andria.de_luca [at] (Andria de Luca) 4400 x09099
Philosophy angela.fotopoulos [at] (Angela Fotopoulos) 6064
Political Science della.maharajh [at] (Della Maharajh) 4400 x094937
School of Information Studies cathy.venetico [at] (Cathy Venetico) 0630
School of Religious Studies samieun.khan [at] (Samieun Khan) 4878
School of Social Work marilena.orsini [at] (Marilena Orsini) 2030
Sociology giovanna.terrasi [at] (Joanne Terrasi) 6868
Continuing Studies
Career and Professional Development dianna.wilson [at] (Dianna Wilson) 4400 x00753
Language and Intercultural Communication dianna.wilson [at] (Dianna Wilson) 4400 x00753
Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies jasna.hancevic [at] (Jasna Hancevic) 3684
Translation & Written Communication bryan.jim [at] (Bryan Jim) 1484
McGill Writing Centre sylvie.bosher [at] (Sylvie Bosher) 7109
(Graphos) marie-josee.chapleau [at] (Marie-Joséee Chapleau) 7411
Dentistry (undergrad) nikoo.taghavi [at] (Nikoo Taghavi) 7203 x00061
Dentistry (grad) maria.palumbo2 [at] (Maria Palumbo) 6699
Educational and Counselling Psychology charlotte.mccaffrey [at] (Charlotte McCaffrey) 4242
Integrated Studies In Education diane.rabey [at] (Diane Rabey) 094472
Kinesiology and Physical Education catherine.klempa [at] (Catherine Klempa) 4184 x0302
Dean's Office nasim.razavinia [at] (Nasim Razavinia) 3865
Architecture mary.lanni [at] (Mary Lanni-Campoli) 6702
Bioengineering aimee.jabour [at] (Aimee Jabour) 7254
Chemical Engineering ugrad.chemeng [at] (Corina Sferdenschi) 5122
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics anna.dinolfo [at] (Anna Dinolfo) 6345
Electrical & Computer Engineering andy.catalano [at] (Andy Catalano) 1077
Mechanical Engineering ugrad.mecheng [at] (Tina Panaritis) 8070
Mining & Materials Engineering coordinator.minmat [at] (Terry Zatylny) 1040
Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design tised [at] (Irene Toffolo) 6975
Urban Planning gladys.chan [at] (Gladys Chan) 4075
Faculty of Law astrid.tchakmaktchian [at] (Astrid Tchakmaktchian) 4400 x00881
BComm Program yazmet.madariaga-sanchez [at] (Yazmet Madariaga-Sanchez) 4068
MBA Program mercedes.santamaria [at] (Mercedes Santamaria) 4042
MMM-China Program yulia.nikitina [at] (Yulia Nikitina) 4130
MMA Program monica.toribio [at] (Monica Toribio) 3474
MMF Program karen.robertson [at] (Karen Robertson) 2623
CA Program yulia.nikitina [at] (Yulia Nikitina) 4130
PhD Program stella.scalia [at] (Stella Scalia) 4074
Anatomy & Cell Biology penny.kaill-vinish [at] (Penny Kaill-Vinish) 6335
Basis of Medicine [at] (Anna Lee) 8358
Biochemistry christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge) 2423
Biomedical Engineering pina.sorrini [at] (Pina Sorrini) 2866
Biomedical Ethics Unit heike.faerber [at] (Heike Faerber) 6980
Communication Sciences & Disorders antoinette.sommer [at] (Antoinette Sommer) 4137
Epidemiology & Biostatistics gradadmin.eboh [at] (André Yves Gagnon) 1812
Experimental Medicine experimental.medicine [at] (Marylin Linhares) 3466
Experimental Surgery [at] (Sharon Turner) 514-934-1934 x 42837
Family Medicine graduateprograms.fammed [at] (Sherrie Child) 514 399-9103
Human Genetics ross.mackay [at] (Ross MacKay) 4198
Ingram School of Nursing coursesec.nursing [at] (Isabelle Di Salvo) 8452
Medical Education [at] (Sunita Mathiew) 3516
Medical Physics Unit margery.knewstubb [at] (Margery Knewstubb) 934-1934 x44158
Microbiology & Immunology grad.microimm [at] (Antonios Daskalakis) 3061
Neurology & Neurosurgery (Medicine) ipn [at] (Vivian Omune) 1905
Neurology & Neurosurgery (Science) adrienne.liberman [at] (Adrienne Liberman) TBD
Occupational Health gradadmin.eboh [at] (André Yves Gagnon) 1812
Pathology gradstudies.pathology [at] (Hua Ling) 3045
Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Undergrad) chantal.grignon [at] (Chantal Grignon) 3623
Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Grad) christina.tremblay [at] (Tina Tremblay) 3621
Physical & Occupational Therapy [at] (Alina Bezhanyan) 4517
Physiology sonia.viselli [at] (Sonia Viselli) 3689
Psychiatry graduate.psychiatry [at] (Hilary Ball) 8888-32072
Social Studies of Medicine ssom [at] (Alexandra Triantafillopoulos) 6033
Music Research [at] (Ania Loboda) 4542
Performance [at] (Ania Loboda) 4542
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences admin.aos [at] (Lucy Nunez) 3758
Biology susan.gabe [at] (Susan Gabe) 7045
Chemistry linda.delpaggio [at] (Linda Del Paggio) 6940
Computer Science sheryl.morrissey [at] (Sheryl Morrissey) 8374
Earth & Planetary Sciences kristy.thornton [at] (Kristy Thornton) 6767
Geography undergrad.geog [at] (June Connolly) 4951
Mathematics & Statistics chairsec.math [at] (Kathryn Livick) 7101
Physics chairsec.physics [at] (Louise Decelles) 6477
Psychology (undergraduate) julia.marussi [at] (Julia Marussi) 6121
Psychology (graduate) giovanna.locascio [at] (Giovanna Locascio) 6124
Redpath Museum caroline.leblond [at] (Caroline Leblond) 3188
McGill University is located on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. McGill honours, recognizes and respects these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we meet today.