Gerald Fried, MD, CM, FRCSC, FACS, FCAHS, M.S.C.

Associate Dean, Education Technology and Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Director of the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning
Professor of Surgery, McGill University

T: 514-398-3867
E: gerald.fried [at]

Jake Barralet, PhD

Director of Innovation

T: 514-398-3908
E: jake.barralet [at]

Farhan Bhanji, MD, M.Sc (Ed), FRCPC

Director of Education

E: farhan.bhanji [at]

Philippe Legault, MSc, MBA

Director of Operations

T: 514-398-3029
E: philippe.legault [at]



Tamara Carver, PhD

Director, Education Technology and Online Learning

E: tamara.carver [at]

Jason Harley, PhD

Director of Research, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, McGill University
Director of the Simulation, Affect, Innovation, Learning, and Surgery (SAILS) Lab, McGill University
Scientist, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

E: jason.harley [at]

Niki Solis

Niki Soilis, MA (on leave)

Education Manager

E: niki.soilis [at]

Leila Zahabi 

Program and Innovation Manager

E: leila.zahabi [at]


Chris Nachaj

Chris Nachaj

Standardized Patient Educator

T: 514-398-8033
E: [at]


Morgan Williams

Standardized Patient Educator

T: 514-398-2085
E: [at]



Standardized Patient Educator

T: 514-398-1473


Danielle Desormeaux

Standardized Patient Trainer

T: 514-398-2876
E: [at]

May Yoshida

Senior Administrative Coordinator


Lucy Vicenzo

Senior Administrative Coordinator

T: 514-398-1523
E: lucy.vicenzo [at]

Amanda Moura (on leave)

Administrative Coordinator 



Anna Tzagourni

Administrative Coordinator 

T: 514-398-8978
E: [at]

Simali Perera

Simali Perera

Surgical Skills Coordinator

T: 514-398-7332
E: simali.perera [at]

Augusto Cuellar Diaz

Simulation Technician

T: 514-398-3198
E: augusto.cuellardiaz [at]


Tuhinur Islam

Simulation Technician

E: islam.tuhinur [at]

Alana Farrell (on leave)

Simulation Coordinator 




Simulation Trainer

Terrie Quilatan

Information Technology & Audio Visual Coordinator

T: 514-398-8080
E: terrie.quilatan [at]

Zeina Salameh, MA

Instructional Designer
Dementia Education Program
Education Technology and Online Learning Office

E: zeina.salameh [at]


Maria Vincelli

Dementia Education Program Coordinator

E: maria.vincelli [at]

Diane Lynn Weidner

Communications and Events Officer

T: 514.398.5380
E: diane.weidner [at]

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