Network Connectivity

Connect to McGill's wireless service with your laptop or mobile device and access the McGill network (Internet, restricted sites and resources such as Library databases, etc.).

Although MedIT manages the TCP/IP network that connects most of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences across the McGill campus, it is not responsible for the installation and maintenance of the LAN Jacks. McGill IT Services has assumed responsibility for installing and activation of the LAN Jacks across campus.

To have a LAN Jack installed - Wired Network Connectivity

Most wired connections managed by MedIT are configured to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP)

To obtain a Static or Reserved DHCP IP address - Static/DHCP IP Request


McGill IT Services Code of Conduct

MedIT is a computer network that is an integral part of the McGill University computing facility. All users should read and understand the McGill IT Services Code of Conduct. All network and computing activity within the MedIT network is governed by this code.

View the Code of Conduct

Please note that MedIT reserves the right to disconnect any computer that is actively being used in illegal activity, or that is being used to spread viruses.

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