Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is provided by McGill IT Services on the Web Management System (WMS). Most web sites will meet the necessary criteria, and can then benefit from using the university's Drupal based web template system. Web hosting is free, but all site editors and managers must be trained on the WMS.

The McGill Web Management System (WMS)

If your site is a basic one, and you do not wish to use McGill's WMS template system, you may also request a McGill Virtual Host.  Site urls must be of the form
http: // yoursite.research.mcgill.ca/labs,
http: // yoursite.lab.mcgill.ca,  OR
http: // yoursite.conference.mcgill.ca

If your site does not meet McGill's criteria or cannot be hosted on the McGill WMS because of certain requirements, MEDIT may provide Web Hosting services under exceptional circumstances.  Note that MedIT is not responsible for content generation or maintenance.  All web content (either hosted within the WMS, McGill Virtual Host or on the MedIT server) is under the direct responsibility of the designated web master of the site in question.

The current webmaster of the faculty provides technical assistance to departments in the creation of new sites and some support for pre-existing sites (at the webmaster's discretion).


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