55 - Kidney: Chronic interstitial nephritis



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Rodin Number: 53
E Number: 6
Donor: Osler
Date: unknown
Size (H x W cm):19 x 8

The specimen shows two kidneys, the upper whole (as can be seen on the back view (B)) and the lower bisected. The cortical surface of both is coarsely nodular. The cortex of the lower kidney is moderately thinned.

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The clinical information provided by the autopsy protocol  (Case CLXXXIV, Rodin 230-232 PDF icon rodin_oslerian_pathology_230.pdf) suggests the patient had edema and malnutrition. The kidneys are reported to weigh approximately 120 g each, consistent with a moderate degree of atrophy. However, these are not clearly kidneys of chronic renal failure and (as Rodin suggests) may represent arteriolosclerosis secondary to chronic hypertension rather than primary kidney disease.


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