Abbott SpecimenĀ 58

Abbott 58

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Specimen Card Nomenclature
Transposition of arterial trunks with complete defect of interventricular septum, malposed left auricle, double mitral ostium, double superior vena cava into left auricle, patent ductus arteriosus, dilatation and atheroma of pulmonary artery, and congenital arterio-venous aneurysm of lungs
International Classification of Diseases
Double inlet left ventricle
Dr. M. Abbott
Twenty years
Front view shows the right ventricle (V), right atrium (R) atrium and normalĀ  tricuspid (T) and mitral (M) valves. A large blue rod on the leftis present in the coronary sinus; the curved blue rod on the right is in the pulmonary artery.
As is evident from the description on the specimen card, this is a complex cardiac anomaly. It is noteworthy that the man lived twenty years, albeit with a history of dyspnea, cyanosis and complete heart block from childhood. He died of massive pulmonary hemorrhage (presumed to be from the pulmonary arterio-venous aneurysm).

Abbott 58 with letters

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Atlas Illustration
Plate XXIV Figs. 3,4,5, and 6

Atlas Fig 3-4-5-6

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