Abbott Specimen 11

Abbott 11

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Plate XI Figure 2
Dr. K. Terplen
Nine months
Multiple slightly lobulated, smooth surfaced nodules bulge into the lumen of both right (R) and left (L) ventricles. One of the larger ones is seen just below the pulmonary artery (arrow), and likely caused some degree of obstruction during life.
A rhabdomyoma is a rare muscle tumor. When it arises in striated muscle, it is considered to be a benign neoplasm. In the heart, it is thought to represent a developmental abnormality (hamartoma).
Cardiac rhabdomyomas are often found in tuberous sclerosis, a genetic abnormality of the TSC 1 or 2 gene that may be sporadic or inherited. In addition to cardiac rhabdomyomas, hamartomatous tumors are frequently found in the brain and kidney (as in the patient with this heart).

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Atlas Illustration
Plate XI Figure 2

Atlas Figure 2

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