McIntyre Post-fire Update - JULY 20

Published: 20 July 2018

To all members of the Faculty of Medicine,

Yesterday, a special information session was held to give the Faculty community a detailed account of the progress made since the McIntyre Building fire last Friday, July 13. At the meeting, McGill’s VP (Administration and Finance) Yves Beauchamp confirmed that the McIntyre will remain closed until at least Wednesday a.m., July 25. The goal, however, is to reopen portions of the building starting as early as Wednesday. In the meantime, please note that current protocols remain in place.

Highlights of the meeting included the following:

Floors 7 to 16

McGill is hoping to open lab and other spaces on Floors 7 to 16 as early as next Wednesday, July 25, with the exception of AEC 12, which is being relocated. Opening these floors is contingent on the successful completion of a temporary barrier, pathways and other structural devices to isolate Floors 1 to 6 from 7 to 16, as well as the conclusion of additional assessments. The temporary barrier and structures are necessary to protect lab space on the upper floors from dust and other debris on the damaged lower floors once reconstruction begins.

Robert Couvrette, AVP (Facilities Management and Ancillary Services) and Chair of McGill’s Emergency Operations Centre, further explained that if all is in place to open the upper floors, building codes may impose a maximum number of individuals at a given time, but many more will have access than is currently the case.

During the question period, discussions also took place with respect to the urgent needs of Pharmacology and Therapeutics labs on the 1st floor, for which immediate planning is now under way.


With respect to relocations, the Faculty’s Executive Director, Pascale Mongrain, reiterated that the Faculty’s priority is to protect our operations and academic mission, and to continue working closely with the EOC to help return McIntyre to normal operations as quickly as possible. In the interim, Maître Mongrain confirmed the following relocations, which will likely take place between next Monday and Wednesday:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate offices will move to the 17th  floor at 680 Sherbrooke;
  • The Faculty’s Buildings Office, which has remained functional throughout, will move to the 13th  floor at 2001 McGill College;
  • Administration Excellence Centre 12 will also move to the 13th floor at 2001 McGill College.

Note that the Faculty’s Information Technology team (MedIT) has already moved to Lady Meredith House.

For the Research, Graduate Studies, Institutional Review Board and Global Health offices on the north side of the 6th floor, a decision will be made regarding their possible relocation by end-of-day Tuesday. If relocation is recommended, space will be immediately available to them at 680 Sherbrooke.                                                                                                                                             

Questions and Answers

The many questions and answers discussed at the special information session are available online. All Faculty members are reminded that further questions can be e-mailed [at] Questions are triaged daily and answers provided within 24 to 48 hours. Please also watch for the next update.

Thank you

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who joined the session on Thursday for their input, all of which is extremely important to help us best focus on both your immediate and longer-term needs. I would also like to thank the many teams that have been mobilized across McGill and the Faculty, as well as the University’s Emergency Operations Centre, who continue to work around the clock.




David Eidelman, MDCM
Vice-Principal (Health Affairs)
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

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