Social Accountability Statement

Former McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier dedicating an ironwood tree to the victims of the Quebec Mosque shooting, 2018

At the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University, we seek to be relevant to the society we serve and the greater global context through excellence in our missions of education, research and service.  Within our health professions programs and biomedical science education programs we provide training and educational opportunities that address the needs of the societies we serve.  We promote diversity within the Faculty, as defined in our diversity statement, understanding that promoting our internal diversity will better serve our diverse communities. We deliberately build environments of inclusion in order that all individuals within our faculty can be welcomed and respected, and can participate freely and to the best of their ability in our missions of excellence in discovery, learning, and service. We address concerns of Faculty equity through programs aimed at increasing the participation of historically marginalized persons in Faculty life and programs.  We commit to equity in health through service to our communities, in full partnership with them, and with special attention to the impact of our activities in education, research and service on vulnerable and marginalized populations.   Through engagement of the communities we serve, we listen to their identified key health priorities, and commit to incorporating this community voice into the educational, research, and service goals of our Faculty.  

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