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About the Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office

Group of young McGill students from diverse communities

The McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences contributes to the health of the communities it serves, whether that be locally through RUISSS McGill (Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé et de Services Sociaux), or, more distant, through our focus on global health. We strive to be socially accountable to our communities through excellence in education, research and clinical care, addressing priorities within our population. 

The notion of “social accountability” has been defined by World Health Organization as the “obligation of medical [and health professional] schools to direct education, research and service activities towards addressing the priority health concerns of the community, region or nation that they are mandated to serve.” 

The Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office (SACE) has the task of developing programs supporting equity and diversity to ensure inclusive learning and work environments. To this end, SACE seeks to create synergies and promotes an environment that is socially accountable to the concerns of, and in conjunction with, diverse communities served by the Faculty of Medicine. 

SACE’s mandate is grounded in four essential pillars of leadership, education, service and continuous quality improvement.



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