The Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit is unique in Canada, in that it allows strict, in house monitoring and testing of research subjects over prolonged periods while they consume diets prepared in house.


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Graduate student, Colleen Parks, helping a young girl get into position to measure standing height accurately.  This is an important assessment of growth that also reflects the skeleton.

Dr. Weiler helping a young study participant get into position for a special bone scan that lets us look inside at the structure of bone.  The machine is made friendly by adding lovable characters to the facade.


PhD candidate Neil Brett ensuring standardized position for a body composition test in a young participant.  This test is called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and informs scientists about the amount of bone, muscle and fat in the body.  The data is used to describe quality of growth over time.

Registered nurse Catherine Vanstone getting ready to measure a new born infant for bone health and body composition.


Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit

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