Mathias Legrand

Associate Professor
Mathias Legrand
Contact Information

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 160


Email address: 
mathias.legrand [at]

Ph.D. Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
M.Eng. Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France


MECH 309: Numerical Methods in Mech Eng (3 Credits)
MECH 546: FEM in Solid Mechanics (3 Credits)

Research areas: 
Vibrations, Acoustics, and Fluid-Structure
Current research: 
  • Nonsmooth vibrations of flexible structures.
  • Reduced-order models for nonlinear dynamics.
  • Stability analysis of non-smooth systems.
  • Time-marching techniques for large-scale systems.
  • Unilateral contact and friction in aircraft and helicopter engines.
  • Linear and nonlinear rotordynamics.
Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme: Vibrations, Acoustics, and Fluid-Structure Interaction
Research Group/Lab: Structural dynamics and vibration laboratory

My research work is concerned with theoretical knowledge as well as the development of new tools and methods capable of bringing solutions to practical problems in the industrial sphere.
Related research and education are focused on Structural Dynamics, Nonlinear and Nonsmooth Vibrations, Reduced-order models, and Wave Propagation.

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