Laurent Mydlarski

Laurent Mydlarski
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Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 374

Email address: 
laurent.mydlarski [at]

Ph.D. Cornell University
M.S. Cornell University
B.A.Sc. University of Waterloo

  • MECH 240: Thermodynamics I
  • MECH 331: Fluid Mechanics I
  • MECH 346: Heat Transfer
  • MECH 562: Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MECH 656: Fundamentals of Turbulent Flow
Research areas: 
Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Selected publications: 
  • Hewes, A. and Mydlarski, L., 2023. Multi-scalar mixing in turbulent coaxial jets. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 961 A9, pp. 1-42.
  • Lortie, S. and Mydlarski, L., 2022. Investigation of internal intermittency by way of higher-order spectral moments. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 932 A20, pp. 1-27.
  • Hewes, A. and Mydlarski, L., 2022. Simultaneous measurements of velocity, gas concentration, and temperature by way of thermal-anemometry-based probes. Measurement Science and Technology, 33, Art. no. 015301, pp. 1-11.
  • Medvescek, J.I., Mydlarski, L. and Baliga, B.R., 2021. Densities of dilute aqueous solutions of 1-butanol and 1-pentanol at atmospheric pressure and temperatures in the range 283.15 to 353.15 K. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 66(4), pp. 1582-1591.
  • Hewes, A., Medvescek, J.I., Mydlarski, L. and Baliga, B.R., 2020. Drift compensation in thermal anemometry. Measurement Science and Technology, 31, Art. no. 045302, pp. 1-11.
  • Gubian, P.A., Stoker,J., Medvescek, J.I., Mydlarski, L. and Baliga, B.R., 2019. Evolution of wall shear stress with Reynolds number in fully developed turbulent channel flow experiments. Physical Review Fluids, 4, Art. no. 074606, pp. 1-15.
  • Meyer,C.R., Mydlarski, L. and Danaila, L., 2018. Statistics of incremental averages of passive scalar fluctuations. Physical Review Fluids, 3, Art. no. 094603, pp. 1-19.
  • Germaine, E., Mydlarski, L. and Cortelezzi, L., 2018. Persistence of local anisotropy of passive scalars in wall-bounded flows. Physical Review Fluids, 3, Art. no. 014606, pp. 1-9.
  • Mydlarski, L., 2017. A turbulent quarter century of active grids: From Makita (1991) to the present. Fluid Dynamics Research, 49(6), Art. no. 06140, pp. 1-20
  • Germaine, E., Mydlarski, L. and Cortelezzi, L., 2014. Evolution of the scalar dissipation rate downstream of a concentrated line source in turbulent channel flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 749, pp. 227-274.
  • Afara, S., Medvescek, J., Mydlarski, L., Baliga, B.R., and MacDonald, M., 2014. Development of a wall-shear stress sensor and measurements in mini-channels with partial blockages. Experiments in Fluids, 55:1734, pp. 1-10.
  • Khorsandi, B., Gaskin, S.J. and Mydlarski, L., 2013. Effect of background turbulence on an axisymmetric turbulent jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 736, pp. 250-286.
  • Germaine, E., Mydlarski, L. and Cortelezzi, L., 2013. 3DFLUX: A high-order, fully three-dimensional flux integral solver for the scalar transport equation. Journal of Computational Physics, 240, pp. 121-144.
  • Lepore, J. and Mydlarski, L., 2012. Finite-Péclet-number effects on the scaling exponents of high-order passive scalar structure functions. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 713, pp. 453-481.
  • Lepore, J. and Mydlarski, L., 2009. Effect of the Scalar Injection Mechanism on Passive Scalar Structure Functions in a Turbulent Flow. Physical Review Letters 103, pp. 034501-1 to 034501-4
  • Lavertu, T.M., Mydlarski, L. and Gaskin, S.J., 2008. Differential diffusion of high-Schmidt-number passive scalars in a turbulent jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 612, pp. 439-475.
  • Lavertu R.A. and Mydlarski, L., 2005. Scalar mixing from a concentrated source in turbulent channel flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 528, pp. 135-172.
  • Mydlarski, L., 2003. Mixed velocity¬passive scalar statistics in high-Reynolds-number turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 475, pp. 173-203.
  • Mydlarski, L. and Warhaft, Z., 1998. Three-point statistics and the anisotropy of a turbulent passive scalar. Physics of Fluids 11 , pp. 2885-2894.
  • Mydlarski, L. and Warhaft, Z., 1996. On the onset of high-Reynolds-number grid-generated wind tunnel turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol 320, pp. 331-368.

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Current research: 
  • Reynolds and Péclet number effects on turbulence statistics
  • Scalar dispersion and mixing in turbulent flows
  • Differential diffusion in turbulent flows
  • Effect of background turbulence on turbulent flows
  • Cooling of hydroelectric generators
  • Microelectronics cooling
Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme: Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Research Group/Lab: Aerodynamic

My fundamental research lies primarily in the area of experimental fluid mechanics. I am interested, in particular, in turbulent flows and the mixing that occurs therein. In my work, scalar (e.g., temperature, moisture, chemical species/pollutant, etc.) mixing is examined with an aim to further understanding the underlying physics of many thermo-fluid processes, including combustion and pollutant dispersion into the environment. The mixing of momentum (which leads to drag) is also studied. The research is approached from a fundamental perspective in which the results are applied to engineering problems, and is performed by way of hot-wire anemometry, cold-wire (resistance) thermometry, laser-induced fluorescence and particle-tracking velocimetry.

My applied research focus on the fluid mechanical and thermal aspects of industry flows.  It is generally sponsored by industry.  Recent work has focused on the cooling of hydroelectric generators, as well as the cooling of microelectronics. 

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