Jovan Nedic

Associate Professor
Jovan Nedic
Contact Information

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 155


Email address: 
jovan.nedic [at]

Ph.D. Imperial College London
M.Eng. (Hons) Imperial College London


MECH 261/262: Statistics and Measurement Laboratory (3 credits)

MECH 532: Aircraft Performance, Stability, and Control (3 credits)

MECH 533: Subsonic Aerodynamics (3 credits)

Research areas: 
Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Selected publications: 

Vortex Dynamics

  • Limbourg, R., & Nedić, J. (2021). An extension to the universal time scale for vortex ring formation. Journal of Fluid Mechanics915, A46.
  • Limbourg, R., & Nedić, J. (2021). Formation of an orifice-generated vortex ring. Journal of Fluid Mechanics913, A29.
  • Limbourg, R., & Nedić, J. (2021). An extended model for orifice starting jets. Physics of Fluids33(6), 067109.
  • Limbourg, R., & Nedić, J. (2021). On the asymptotic matching procedure predicting the formation number. Physics of Fluids33(11), 117103.


  • Caverly, D., & Nedić, J. (2022). Estimating wind velocity and direction using sparse sensors on a cylinder. Physics of Fluids34(9), 0951
  • Goyal, A., & Nedić, J. (2021). Near field of a vortex generated by chevron-tipped flat plates. AIAA Journal59(2), 546-558.
  • Nedić, J., & Vassilicos, J. C. (2015). Vortex shedding and aerodynamic performance of airfoil with multiscale trailing-edge modifications. AIAA Journal53(11), 3240-3250.
  • Nedic, J., Ganapathisubramani, B., Vassilicos, J. C., Borée, J., Brizzi, L. E., & Spohn, A. (2012). Aeroacoustic performance of fractal spoilers. Aiaa Journal50(12), 2695-2710.

Fundamental Fluid Dynamics

  • Pardo, R. M., Barua, N., Lisak, D., & Nedić, J. (2022). Jetting onset on a liquid surface accelerated past a submerged cylinder. Flow2, E36.
  • Pardo, R. M., & Nedić, J. (2021). Free-surface disturbances due to the submersion of a cylindrical obstacle. Journal of Fluid Mechanics926, A1.
  • Nedić, J., & Tavoularis, S. (2018). A case study of multi-structure turbulence: Uniformly sheared flow distorted by a grid. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow72, 233-242.
  • Nedić, J., Tavoularis, S., & Marusic, I. (2017). Dissipation scaling in constant-pressure turbulent boundary layers. Physical Review Fluids2(3), 032601.
  • Nedić, J., Vassilicos, J. C., & Ganapathisubramani, B. (2013). Axisymmetric turbulent wakes with new nonequilibrium similarity scalings. Physical review letters111(14), 144503.
Current research: 
  • Coherent vortical structures
  • Multiscale turbulence
  • Aircraft aerodynamics
  • Unsteady fluid dynamics
Areas of interest: 

Primary research theme: Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Research Labs and Groups: Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Our research interests lie in the broad area of fluid dynamics, specializing in fundamental and applied aspects of turbulent flows. Of primary interest is how the initial/upstream conditions determine the life-cycle of large-scale coherent vortical structures and small-scale turbulent properties of the turbulence field. Understanding the life-cycle of large-scale coherent vortical structures are of paramount importance as they are responsible for, amongst other things, drag force, noise generation and the spread of pollution. In order to better understand the effects of initial conditions on these vortical structures, we use multiscale (fractal) geometries and an array of experimental techniques (e.g. time-resolved PIV, hot-wire anemometry and time-resolved force/torque measurements) to gain insights into the underlying physics. In tandem with the fundamental aspects, we also consider engineering applications of such designs, targeted at the aerospace and renewable energy.

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