Jeffrey Bergthorson

Academic title(s): 

William Dawson Scholar

Jeffrey Bergthorson
Contact Information

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 157

Email address: 
jeff.bergthorson [at]

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
M.Sc. California Institute of Technology
B.Sc. University of Manitoba


FACC 510: Energy Analysis (3 Credits)
MECH 240: Thermodynamics 1 (3 Credits)
MECH 341: Thermodynamics 2 (3 Credits)
MECH 447: Combustion (3 Credits)
MECH 652: Dynamics of Combustion (4 Credits)

Research areas: 
Combustion and Energy Systems
Selected publications: 
  • B Akih-Kumgeh & JM Bergthorson, 2010. Structure-reactivity trends of C1{C4 alkanoic acid methyl esters. Combustion & Flame. (in press). doi:10.1016/j.combustflame.2010.10.021
  • KE Noorani, B Akih-Kumgeh, & JM Bergthorson, 2010. Comparative high temperature shock tube ignition of C1{C4 primary alcohols. Energy & Fuels, 24(11):5834{5843.
  • B Akih-Kumgeh & JM Bergthorson, 2010. Comparative study of methyl butanoate and n-heptane high temperature autoignition. Energy & Fuels, 24:2439{2448.
  • JM Bergthorson, MB Johnson, AM Bonanos, MD Slessor, WJ Su, & PE Dimotakis, 2009. Molecular mixing and °ow¯eld measurements in a recirculating shear °ow. Part I: Subsonic °ow. Flow, Turbulence & Combustion, 83:269{292.
  • JM Bergthorson & PE Dimotakis, 2007. Premixed laminar C1{C2 stagnation °ames: experiments and simulations with detailed thermochemistry models. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 31:1139{1147.
  • JM Bergthorson, K Sone, TW Mattner, PE Dimotakis, DG Goodwin, & DI Meiron, 2005. Impinging laminar jets at moderate Reynolds numbers and separation distances. Physical Review E, 72(6):066307{1{12.
  • More publications
Current research: 
  • Premixed flame studies of alternative and traditional fuels:
  • Non-premixed flame studies of alternative and traditional fuels:
  • Laser diagnostics for NO measurements
  • Temperature and species diagnostics using raman spectroscopy
  • Alternative-fuel ignition properties
  • Stirling-engine burner technologies for biomass cogeneration
  • Gas-solid heat transfer effects on flames in small channels
  • "Hybrid" flames of gaseous and solid fuels
  • Droplet vaporization of biofuel/petrofuel blends
  • Metal-water reaction for hydrogen production
  • Honours thesis projects
  • Graduate research projects
Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme: Combustion and Energy Systems
Research Lab/Group: Alternative Fuels

The development of technologies that do not rely on fossil fuels is a major challenge facing society today. Our research program is aimed at the development and validation of models for the combustion properties of alternative and sustainable (bio-derived) fuels through a complementary experimental, computational, and analytical modeling approach. We are also investigating flames of a mixture of solid and gaseous fuels, combustion in heat recirculating burners for Stirling engine generators, the vaporization properties of biofuel/petrofuel blends, and the reaction of metal-water mixtures for hydrogen production.

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