Course Policies

Course-related policies cover the transfer of previously earned credits as well as course reread and failures. The latter two are policies of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; details can be found on its website.

Request to Transfer Credits

Incoming graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering can request the transfer of credit for graduate courses taken before their entry into the program. These courses must be pertinent to the degree being undertaken. Typically, the Graduate Administration Committee (GAC) will approve courses if a grade of B- or better was obtained. Credit cannot be given for courses taken for another completed degree.

Up to one-third of coursework credit may be transferred from institutions outside McGill. Coursework credit does not include thesis, project or stage credits.

It is important to note that transfer of credit for courses taken while already in our program must be requested before the course is taken. For example, a B.Eng student planning to enter a M.Eng program may take a graduate-level, "extra" course during their final undergraduate year to reduce their master's courseload; however, the credit transfer must be requested before taking the course.

Students wishing to request a transfer of credits should email the Graduate program Coordinator. In the request, the student should state

  • the program they are in at McGill and their starting date;
  • the course they would like to request credit for or exemption from (e.g., a complementary or specific core course), bearing in mind that an exemption from core courses is reviewed more critically; and
  • when and where the course they want credited was taken.

Required supporting documents include

  • a letter or email supporting the request written by the supervisor and directed to the Associate Chair (i.e., for thesis students only);
  • an official transcript showing the course taken and the grade obtained;
  • the course description; and
  • proof--often provided by the transcript--that the course was not taken for credit toward another degree.

Once this request and supporting documentation are received, the request is reviewed by the GAC. Upon completion of the review, the Graduate program Coordinator notifies the student of the committee's decision and, in the case of an approval, arranges to submit a Credit/Exemption Form to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Request for Reread

Students have the right to request a review of a final exam mark ('reread'). If the course is at the 500 level, the Faculty of Engineering governs the case, and the request should be directed to the Student Affairs Office. If the course is a 600- or 700-level course, the request should be directed to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). Details of the procedure are laid out on the GPS website and in the most recent University Calendar. Please note that a student requesting a reread may be charged a fee.

Course Failure

At the end of each term, the Graduate Program Coordinator will review the grades of all graduate students. A student failing any course toward a graduate degree (i.e., a grade less than B-, J grade, or uncleared K or L grade) must repeat that same course the next time it is offered. If repetition of the course would unduly delay graduation, the student may request in writing to the Graduate Program Director to substitute another course—permissable only if approval is obtained before starting the course. 

If a graduate student fails a second course, whether that course was the one previously failed or not, the student must withdraw from the program, according to regulations of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

If a reread has been requested, a final decision on the student's status must await the outcome of the reread.

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